Sunday School Lesson Plan Sample: Noah

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Sunday School Lesson: Noah's Ark 

2-5 Years:


Opening Prayer to welcome the start of the session. For example:


"Dear God. We thank you for the chance to meet once again in your presence.  Help us to learn more about your work and to understand how we can follow in your footsteps.  Amen"


-Talk about promises - what is a promise.  Seek examples from the children themselves.  Ask them who has ever made a promise.  What the promise was.  Did they keep it?  What other kinds of things can they think of that they make promises about?


Bible Story: Tell the story of Noah in basic language that this age group can understand.  If you can't find an illustrated copy of this in the library for use in your class, use the bible but translate the bible story into a simple language that the little ones can understand - dwelling more on the ark and rainbow rather than the reasons for the flood and the fact that no-one else was saved.


Remind the children of the earlier discussion about what a promise is - use a couple of their own examples to illustrate - and then link the bible story to the promise by telling them again about the rainbow being God's promise to the world that he would never again send such a flood.


Art:    Draw a Rainbow

*Leader to draw a large rainbow for the room to remind class every time they enter the room of God's promise.  This can be either painted, or use small pieces of tissue paper crumpled up and glued in the right color bands.  Or:

*Paint individual rainbows to take home.


Song: To the tune of Old McDonald's Farm.  Use different animals that the children give you - discuss the noise each one makes before starting to sing the verse.  Continue with different animals depending on time constraints.


Old man Noah built an ark - E I E I O

And in that ark he placed two (dogs) E I E I O

With a (woof woof) here and a (woof woof) there

Here a (woof), there a (woof)

Old man Noah built an ark - E I E I O       


Game: Match up the animals - and place in "ark".


  Need:        Two copies of each animal used (magazine cuttings, line drawings, plastic/wood toys). 

A container to use as the ark.  If you actually have a toy Noah's Ark to use, all the better!


Make some of these more difficult by having animals where the male     and female look different, or having a baby and mother of the same animal.  The younger children will need help with these but older children should be able to match a lion and lioness for example.


Closing Prayer thanking God for his promise.  For example:


"Thank you God for our class today.  Thank you for your love, and for your rainbow to remind us of your promise.  Help us to keep the promises that we make, and keep us safe in your care.  Amen."


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