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Superheros of the Bible

Teach Children about
The Superheroes of the Bible and Inspire them to Transform
their Lives, their Homes,
and their Neighborhoods.

Most kids love to imitate Superheroes or to at least watch their cartoons.

Why? What’s the attraction?

Axel Alonzo, Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, said in a recent interview on Beliefnet that when kids get interested in their superheroes:

"they are not rooting for the powers or the costume – they’re rooting for the person inside the tights. With Spider-Man, they’re rooting for the kid from Queens who, when he’s not saving the world, has to scrape to make rent; with Captain America, they’re rooting for the 98-pound weakling who, through the miracle of science, was granted muscles that finally match the size of his heart.” Superheroes are “models for life; people who rise above their personal baggage and insecurities to face great challenges and do great things.”

We often don’t see the relationship here…but Bible characters fit right in!

The Bible holds the foundation of all Superheroes

David was the 98-pound weakling.

Joshua not only had to defeat a huge scary army with his men, but to do so, he had to drop a wall with about as many bricks in it as the Empire State Building.

Elijah had to stand up to 450 prophets of Baal.

Moses was so shy and awkward that he couldn’t see himself saying more than “duhhh” in front of the Pharaoh.

Daniel had to find some creative way to fight off the eating instincts of lions, with whom he shared a den overnight.

The Clincher: All these biblical men were granted incredible powers from on-high so that good could triumph over evil. This is superhero story-telling in the most classic sense.

Christianity has every right and reason to call its Bible heroes the first superheroes.

And we want to make sure your students are aware that these people arose from the start of it all:

“In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God
(John 1:1)

That’s why, We’ve created a special lesson pack that focuses exclusively on the Superheroes of the Bible.

The “Superheroes of the Bible” Lesson Pack!

Superheros of the Bible

Our activities in this pack have one great mission: To improve kids’ faith in God, who is the author of every superpower that showed up in our Bible.

Kids will be able to see how good defeats evil over and over and how therefore, in their lives, God can bring all things to a great conclusion.

Here’s a look at the 10 Superheroes
your students will meet:

Superheroes of the Old Testament:

Superheros of the Old Testament



Superheroes of the New Testament:

Superheros of the New Testament

Apostle Peter
Apostle John

For each Superhero, you will have the following:

A 10-minute lesson, skit, or story that makes clear how much hot water the superhero was in and how much strength he/she needed for good to overcome evil.

You will find teachers’ words in bold to help you on this journey of teaching kids to rely on God’s superpowers. Teacher’s words, as well as lines in our skits, are written in modern kid-speak, reinforcing how relevant the Bible is to their world.

A craft, game and/or science experiment accompanies each lesson, all of which are designed to be fun as well as reinforcing.

Each of the 10 lessons is designed to make sure you have more than enough materials to fill up class time (1 hour) for a mixed age-group (4-12).

There are enough activities so that you can create a ten-week topical course for your students, or, if you wish to use them individually as a fun respite between more serious lessons, they will work however you need them to!

Give your Students 10 Amazing
New Role Models!

Order Now & Save

So how much would you expect to pay for such a unique & inspiring resource?  You will get 2 Lesson Packs, Superheroes of the Old Testament & Superheroes of the New Testament.

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100% Money Back GuaranteeThat’s right, we are so sure that you will love the Superheroes of the Bible Lesson Pack that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put these fun turn-key lessons to the test!

I don’t think we can be any fairer than that.

Start Teaching About the REAL Superheroes TODAY

Plus, when you order Superheroes of the Bible you can take advantage of the immediate download feature to get all the material in just minutes or even seconds from now … that means you could be using it in class on Sunday – even if you are ordering on Saturday night.

The files are available in PDF and Word for your convenience in the download area (we have step by step instructions on how to access everything!).

Superheros of the Bible

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The Overall Effect You Can Look Forward To:

Children will learn that Biblical Superheroes can live in their hearts.

They are timeless and powerful because they are attached to the Living God, who does not change and does not slumber or sleep.

Kids will relate to the flaws and weaknesses of the superheroes when they are in their human state and will have precious memories to hold onto concerning what God has done in history—and what God can do in their lives.



Mary-Kate Warner

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