Copy One of Sesame Street's
"Best Kept Secrets" &
Instantly Grab Kids' Attention
While You Deliver a Powerful
Biblical Message!

Want to Truly Captivate Young Children …
Want to Fill Your Class Time With Laughter & Learning?
Then It’s Time You Discovered the Power of Puppets!

Now wait a second – before you say “Puppets? Are you kidding me, that’s too much work!”

Let me assure you they are not!

Maybe you could argue that they are too much fun or that they are too effective (if such a thing is even possible) but too much work? Definitely not, especially considering what I’m going to reveal in a moment.

But first, let me quickly talk about …

The Real Power of Puppets

Here’s the truth – The masters behind Sesame Street know a thing or two about educating children.

Have you ever noticed HOW IMPORTANT puppets are to their teaching strategy!?

For example, when Sesame Street is trying to teach the ABC's...

An adult never looks into the screen and teaches the viewing child the ABC's directly (the way most teachers would teach in a classroom).

Instead, they teach ELMO the ABC's.

The children watching get to "listen in" as Elmo learns a lesson.

It's 100% non-threatening.

And remarkably, the day's lesson sinks in.

So, don't you think the same "trick" would work if you were teaching a sock puppet about Jesus? Of course it works!

So the Question is...
Why Aren’t You Using Them More Often to Communicate the Love of God to Your Young Audiences?

Well, most teachers when they hear the word “puppets” start thinking things like “expensive,” “time-consuming,” “complicated” and “hard work.”

Maybe you were thinking similar things while reading the first part of this page?

If so, good!

Here’s why – because I’ve created a new “Puppet Power Package” that eliminates every single one of these excuses and will allow you to start putting on entertaining, informative puppet shows as soon as tomorrow!

That’s right, every one of your excuses for not using puppets is now gone!

It doesn’t matter if you teach Sunday School, lead children’s church, do community outreach programs or are involved in mission trips, now you can put on exciting, entertaining puppet shows that will thrill your audience and leave you feeling satisfied knowing that you really touched kids with the power of God’s word!

Here’s the Truth:

Puppet shows can be fun!
Puppet shows can be easy!
Puppet shows can be wildly effective at teaching kids important Christian values and ethics!

And Now Putting on Puppet Shows is
Easier Than Ever Before Thanks to the
“Puppet Power Package”

Here’s what I’ve done, I’ve created seven puppet show scripts that are entertaining and funny and message driven.

These puppet shows have been tested by myself and others and have been found to not just appeal to kids but to get them to more fully understand important Christian concepts.

These scripts don’t talk down to kids or use outdated language or bore them. Here are the titles of the scripts that are included in this package:

1) HOPE IN A POT OF GOLD: While searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Freddie keeps talking about all the things they’ll buy with the gold they find. Then they realize that love is the one thing money cannot buy, and that’s more important than all the gold in the world.

2) BUBBLE GUM YUM YUM: When getting a new toy, it’s easy to feel powerful and it’s tempting to want to use it to lord over everybody else. But when Darrin gets a gumball machine, he is able to see why it’s a better idea to share with friends.

3) LIES N TRUTHS N SUGAR BOWLS: When Darrin makes a big mistake, he is tempted to lie rather than confess that he has done something wrong. He learns, however, that lying makes matters worse, and it’s safer to tell the truth.

4) ZOOM ZOOM MOON MOON: When Freddie throws a slumber party for his birthday, Sylvester gets his friends scared of a freaky light moving mysteriously around Freddie’s bedroom. Freddie learns to face his fears and solves a mystery in the process.

5) IF YOU BE-LEEEEEEEEEVE: Darrin has just learned of the passage of scripture, “Whatever you believe in your heart and do not doubt, it shall be done for you.” When he believes for a rainbow, it appears that disastrous consequences may follow.

6) DOE DOE HEADED DOVE: Darrin decides it’s cool to be a dove after he tries being a snake for a day. He realizes that God made him the way he is and has given him many blessings.

7) GRUMBLE FISH FACE: Freddie feels miserable about not going to the amusement park. He forgets to count his blessings or remember that good days follow bad days…until friends remind him.

Puppet PowerEach show is about 5 minutes long and includes a detailed script, list of characters, plot summary, puppeteer notes and scripture reference.

Now here’s what’s REALLY great with the Puppet Power Package … you don’t need to worry about memorizing lines, making “puppet voices,” or getting tongue-tied in front of your audience!

That’s because I’ve included a complete, professionally recorded companion audio track for each show, which includes all the spoken dialogue, sound effects and intro/outro music!

This makes putting on a puppet show SUPER EASY- just hit "play" on your computer, iPod or CD player, have the puppeteers kneel behind the “stage,” act out the story with the puppets and let the audio track take care of the rest.

It's SO SIMPLE, anyone can do it … a group of teachers, older students, even younger students who can’t read yet can all excel at performing these puppet shows.

And Then to Make Things EVEN EASIER for You ...

If you order the Puppet Power Package today I’m going to include three special bonus reports valued at $30:

Do it Yourself Puppet Making

"Do It Yourself Puppet Making"

Inside, you'll get detailed, step by step instructions and pictures showing you exactly how to make the 5 puppets that appear over and over in the shows!

Each puppet is fun, easy and inexpensive to put together. You can make them on your own at home, or make it an activity to do with the children.


"1-2-3 Puppet Theaters"

It explains, in the simplest, easiest way possible, how to create your own puppet theater using common household items.

Come to Life

"Making Your Puppets Come to Life"

In this 10-page report, you'll learn 7 "tricks" that master puppeteers use to engage their young audiences.

So How Much Does All of This Cost?

Well, if you put it all together:

  1. The 7 Puppet Show Scripts ($39 Value)
  2. 7 Companion Audio Recordings ($19 Value)
  3. Do It Yourself Puppet Making Instructions ($10 Value)
  4. 1-2-3 Puppet Theaters Instructions ($10 Value)
  5. Making Your Puppets Come to Life Bonus Report ($10 Value)

You get a total value of $88 for the Puppet Power Package.

Now in the past I’ve sold this package for a reduced price of $27 with a lot of success but I’ve always had the nagging suspicion that a lot of people are still not taking advantage of the teaching power of puppets because they just don’t believe how easy and fun they really can be to use.

So I’ve decided to do a little marketing test – for a very limited time I’m going to make this entire Puppet Power Package, which includes the seven scripts, the audios and the three bonus reports, available for just … $9!

That’s right, you can get everything for just $9 – and I’m going to back your purchase with a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

If This Package Doesn’t Work for You …
If it Looks Like Too Much Work …
Then Simply Notify Me &
Give You Your $9 Back,
No Questions Asked!

100% Money Back GuaranteeAt $9 this package is a true steal! The audios alone are worth five times that price.

So why not order today and try one of the puppet shows with your students?

See how easy it is. See how the children sit captivated and watch the performance. See how the children come away feeling closer to God.

If these things don’t happen, if you don't LOVE the puppet show format from the get-go, just email me and I will quickly refund your purchase price in full.

To get the Puppet Power Package for just $9, click on the Order Now Button below. Hurry, this is a limited time marketing test that will not last long. This package will soon only be available for $27 or more.

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Mary Kate

Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. You’re going to be amazed at how much children love watching home-made puppets "performing" on a table with a big tablecloth covering up the puppeteer! You’re also going to be amazed at how much they learn!

P.P.S. Here’s one more thing you are going to be amazed at – how much fun putting on a puppet show really is. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to the shows as much as your students do!

Puppet Power

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