Defending our Faith

Arm Your Kids with Answers to the
7 Biggest Attacks on Christianity

Do you get frustrated when you hear people laughing at the Christian faith?

Do you feel tongue tied when people start to talk about things like life on other planets and evolutionary theory and how they threaten Christian views?

More importantly, do you get frustrated when your kids hear things outside of the home that may make them doubt God?

As I see it, most critiques, questions, and objections of Christianity fit into one of seven categories:

The Size of the Universe Disproves the Christian God
There is no God
The Bible is Just a Big Book of Myths
Miracles Don’t Occur/Miracles are Impossible
Evolution Shows that Biblical Creation is a Myth
All True is Relative (Your Belief is no more Valid Than Mine)
Christianity has Too Many Hypocrites to be True

These objections can be heard in science class, on the playground, at lunch, even in the grocery store.

They may come up at other kids’ houses, where other parents are feeding into the conversation as well.

Our kids often come home with lines like, “Jonny’s parents say he can choose his own religion when he grows up…why can’t I??”

It’s one thing to say, “Because I said so.” It’s another to have answers available that can help your child see the truth about our Lord and savior.

Presenting answers to difficult questions
about our faith is called “apologetics,”
or “defense of our faith.”

While many adults might be familiar with even hundreds of Bible verses, they are not sure what to say when they hear, “the Bible is full of myths” or “there’s obviously life on other planets, so how can Christianity be true?”

Kids need to be armed now more than ever before.

A question so easily thrown out like, “How can you know there’s a God?” has some great answers. Everyone in the family should know them.

As Christians, we all need
to feel comfortable responding to the
7 most common objections to our faith.

Today, I have a guide to prepare your children for the objections they will surely hear.

The “Defending our Faith Parent's Guide” is provided as a downloadable PDF ebook.

You get instant access, and can be equipping your kids with the tools to defend their faith at dinner tonight!

It can be used in many settings- at home, in a study group, Sunday School, etc.

The material is valuable to Christians ages 5-105! (because we all hear the same objections).

We have divided the material into seven chapters, each covering one of the seven objections to our faith.

Within each chapter are three parts:

In Adult Terms

First, we are presenting the objections in grownup speak so that you can understand a broad view of the subject.

Speaking to Your Kids

Here, we present passages you can read to your children, which are in easier language.

Some Ways to Respond to this Objection

This section is truly unique. We include word-for-word scripts and responses that can be practiced at home.

Your family will never be tongue tied again when facing an objection to your Faith.

We have provided the words that will make you a champion of your faith with just a small amount of practice!

How To Use This Material

You can take one subject a day or one subject a week.

Try to turn it into a fun family time to discuss these things with your kids.

Children who are prepared are in a much better position to avoid doubt than children who have wrestled with a question alone.


The confidence you'll feel, knowing you have the ANSWERS to the most common objections that you (and your children) hear on a daily basis
The peace of mind you'll have, knowing your responses are backed up with wisdom from the world’s leaders in the field of Apologetics
The joy and satisfaction you'll experience, when you children is confronted with a challenge to their faith and they can confidently respond with grace and poise.

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I don’t think we can be any fairer than that.

Remember- There is NO Question
that Christianity Can’t Answer.

With “Defending Our Faith”, you won’t need to search for the answers- they will be at your finger tips!

Defending our Faith

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