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12 Parables of Jesus That All

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Eliminate All the Difficulties of Teaching Parables to Kids
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When it comes to teaching the parables of Jesus in Sunday School class, many teachers shy away from it for a couple of reasons:


The parables often contain harsh consequences for the actions of the characters in them (such as allusions to eternal punishment), and teachers find themselves anxious about how to present this without scaring students

2 Just as Jesus’ own audiences stumbled in understanding how different parables apply, we can stumble, too! For example: what exactly does the oil in the lamp of the Ten Virgins symbolize? And how can we make that applicable to children?

If you’ve shied away from teaching parables in the past or just wish you could better explain parables to your students, then I urge you to get comfortable and read this short letter now.

Here’s why:

Because I’m about to reveal how you can teach 12 of Jesus’ most important parables to your students using lessons that are fun, easy and simple to understand!

It’s Time to Get Rid of Any Anxiety You May
Have About Teaching Parables to Kids!

Hello, my name is Mary-Kate Warner and as a Sunday School Director and teacher, I know how difficult it can be to teach a parable to younger children.

But something that I discovered over my teaching career is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, armed with a few simple tools you have absolutely nothing to fear!

You see, the truth is children can take harsh truth so long as the focus is on the positive. That means Jesus’ parabolic references to “outer darkness” and “fiery flames” needn’t be swept under the rug, particularly when you also take care to focus on Jesus’ outstretched arms and the joys of fellowshipping with Him … which is what I do in my new lesson pack focued on what I call the "Divine Dozen". These are the 12 essential parables all children should know.

I also take care in this new lesson pack to apply the parables to children’s lives today.

That’s right, I’ve expanded the parables to also involve the tale of a party or a school situation so that kids are more easily able to understand the big picture.

The end result?

Kids are entertained while learning a valuable lesson that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

Introducing “The Parables of Jesus Lesson Pack

In this lesson pack, you get 12 lessons, each containing all of the following:

1 A Lesson Capsule that will let you know in a glance which parable is being taught and how it will be applied to modern living.
2 The Parable, along with the corresponding scripture verses. In most instances, the parable is taken from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, with some variations. If the words are too big or the sentences too convoluted for children, we have used one of several easier children’s versions. Also, sometimes lines have been removed that may be over children’s heads and replaced with an ellipsis (…). Our goal is to make the verses as understandable as possible and not to lose children’s attention.
3 A list of Materials that may be needed in the lesson and the activity that follows. Sometimes, no materials are required at all—just your kind voice and the lesson. Other times, we have tried to stick to materials that are either in your home or classroom, or can easily be purchased.
4 Preparations show you what you need to do before the class sits down. Prep instructions for the lesson precede the lesson, and preparations for the activity precede the activity. Preparations are designed to be easy as well.
5 The Lesson itself will bring life to the words of Christ so that kids can use them in their everyday lives. Often you will be reciting these modern day tales, but no fear: Teacher’s words are in bold to make things easy to follow.
6 An Activity follows each lesson to help you reinforce how the parable applies to everyday life. Activities vary from lesson to lesson—sometimes it’s a game, sometimes a snack, sometimes a worksheet.

Parables of Jesus Lesson PackYou can present the lessons in any order and even pick which parable you use based on the lesson and activity materials you have on hand!

Formatting of these lessons is designed for easy use and flexibility. While all lessons follow a similar format, they are not connected to each other. Hence, you can use them when you are short of material and you can use them in any order you wish.

Most lessons take 15‐20 minutes to complete, and the related activity with each can run short or long. So you can complete everything in 25‐30 minutes if you have other things to present, or you can stretch out the activities to fill the entire class time.

Here Are the Lessons Included in The Lesson Pack:

    1. Henry’s Bestest Birthday Party Ever! (Parable of the Unwilling Party Guests)

    2. Let’s Be Backyard Good Samaritans (Parable of the Good Samaritan)

    3. Read the Warning Signs! (Parable of the Weather Signs of the Times)

    4. Pride Cometh Before the Fall! (Parable of the Pharisee & the Publican)

    5. Chinese Fire Drill! (Parable of the Faithful Servant)

    6. Jesus’ People Will Rise! (Eventually.) (Parable of the Laz’rus and the Rich Man)

    7. Some Bad People are “Nice!” (Parable of the Wheat & the Weeds)

    8. The Hypocrisy Basket & the Hurt Basket (Parable of the Two Debtors)

    9. Uh‐Oh! Too Late to Include God! (Parable of the Ten Maidens)

    10. Fashion, Jewelry & Other True Weirdnesses (Parable of the Rich Land Owner)

    11. God Forgives: Yeah, Even You! (Parable of the Lost Sheep)

    12. Persistent Prayer Does Not Annoy God! (Parable of the Persistent Widow)

And Here’s Just Some of What
Will Learn:

Ways to experience the joy of giving without leaving their own back yard!
The great joys that come from NOT being a snob!
How to look for signs in their own lives that they are either walking into a safe situation or are about to enter a troublesome one!
The real importance of having humility and why the saying “pride comes before a fall” couldn’t be more true!
Why they should enjoy their lives while also being forever ready for the glorious return of Jesus!
Why kind and charitable actions in Christ are always rewarded!
What “good people” really are and how to recognize a bad person, or “weed”!
Why many people never receive all that God has in store for them simply because they give up on God too quickly!
How some of the things that look so important in life will return to dust and how some of the things that look notsoimportant are keys to God’s loving kindness and eternal life in Heaven!
Why God is often like a parent who can’t wait to forgive their child!
How to apply patience to one’s prayer life and develop a fun dialogue with God!
Plus, there’s a lesson in hypocrisy that kids won’t soon forget and much, much more!

Remember, All Children Love Stories…

… and no stories are as important as those told by Jesus to his followers!

Children who are well-versed in them from an early age will learn balance — that actions have consequences, and Christians have Jesus who carries away all wrongdoings.

With these fun and easy lessons, you can infuse children’s minds with Christian concepts they can carry with them not just all week long but throughout their lives!

At Last! Get the Instructional Tool You Need
to Properly Teach the Parables to Kids!

Now, no matter how small your budget, you don’t have to lack for anything.

This lesson pack is filled with original, thoughtful, economical and fun content.

Without spending days or dollars preparing, you can have all the materials you need to easily present lessons kids will cherish and long remember!

For example, you’ll have:

Object lessons that will help kids understand each parable!
Crafts and activities that are easy to do yet also challenging and fun for kids!
Snacks that are as meaningful as they are delicious!
And worksheets that will challenge kids while also furthering their understanding of these important parables!

And Right Now You Can Get All of This
for a Special Low Price!

So how much would you expect to pay for a teaching resource that will allow you to inform and entertain your students while teaching them something that could change their lives?

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I am so sure you will love the “Parables of Jesus Lesson Pack” that I’ve decided to offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

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Here’s the Bottom Line
on This Incredible Resource:

Why continue to avoid teaching the parables of Jesus?

Why continue to experience anxiety or stress when it comes time to teach a class on one of the parables?

Or why continue to wonder if you are really getting through to your students?

When you could save yourself a lot of stress and hard work as well as valuable time and money by getting the Parables of Jesus Lesson Pack today?

This pack is filled with informative yet entertaining lessons, fun activities and tasty snack ideas – everything you need to get your students to finally understand the importance of the parables of Jesus

So are you ready to have a classroom full of students who are hanging on your every word … who are eager to participate in activities and games … who want to learn more about the parables of Jesus?

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Mary-Kate Warner
Sunday School Director

P.S. Looking for a way to help your students become wiser and more spiritually mature? Then this is the lesson pack for you! The lessons in this kit will put your kids firmly on the path to meeting God one day and enjoying a wonderful eternity with him! Order now.

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Divine Dozen: 12 Parables of Jesus all Kids Should Know

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