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Dear Bible Teacher,

Over the years, I've been asked (and in some cases begged) to create an in-depth study of the Parables of Jesus designed just for kids.

Strangely, the Parables of Jesus are not taught to children as often as they should be, or at the level they deserve.

Most teachers shy away from the Parables
for one of two reasons:

1) The parables often contain harsh consequences for the actions of the characters in them (such as allusions to eternal punishment), and teachers find themselves anxious about how to present this without scaring students;

2) Just as Jesus’ own audiences often stumbled in how a Parable applies, we can stumble too! What does the oil in the lamp of the Ten Virgins symbolize? And how do we make that applicable to children?

The good news is that with my latest resource, "The Divine Dozen", there is nothing to fear on either count.

Children can take a lot of harsh truth, so long as the focus is on the positive. Jesus’ parabolic references to “outer darkness” and “fiery flames” needn’t be swept under the rug.

Parables should be used to provide balance in children’s lives by focusing on His outstretched arms and the joys of fellowshipping with Him.

As for applying the Parables to children’s lives today, one of the best ways is by having their principles infused into modern day tales. Our lessons relate one of the Parables of Jesus to everyday situations kids find themselves in.

Each lesson contains 5 helpful ingredients:

A Lesson Capsule will let you know in a glance which parable is being taught and how we will apply it to modern living.

The Parable is included along with the corresponding scripture verses. Most often, the parable is taken from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, with some variations. If the words are too big or the sentences too convoluted for children, we have used one of several easier children’s versions. Feel free to use whatever Bible translation you prefer, what we've included is just a suggestion that we feel may help hold the children's attention.
A list of Materials that are needed will serve both the lesson and the activity that follow. Sometimes no materials are required at all—just your kind voice and the lesson. Most supplies for the snacks and games are probably already in your supply cabinet.
Preparations show you what you need to do before the class sits down. We aim to keep prep time to under 10 minutes!
The Lesson itself will bring life to the words of Christ that kids can use in their everyday lives. Often you will be reciting these modern day tales, but no fear: Teacher’s words are in bold to make things easy to follow. Because you will often be speaking while doing something with your hands, we suggest you read the parable aloud as part of the prep. Try to move any little props that are sometimes included while reading. It will give you confidence to make sure the story runs smoothly.
An Activity follows each lesson to help you reinforce how the parable applies to every day life. Activities vary from lesson to lesson—sometimes it’s a game, sometimes a snack, sometimes a work sheet. You can present the lessons in any order and even pick which parable you use based on the lesson and activity materials you have on hand!

Formatting of these lessons is designed for easy use and flexibility. While all lessons follow a similar format, they are not connected to each other.

Hence, you can use them when you are short of material and pick and choose in any order you wish. You can present all the lessons in a row, or space them out throughout the year.

The lessons and activities together generally take between 30-45 minutes of class time (but can easily be shortened or stretched based on need).

Here's the great news.

You can get instant access to "The Divine Dozen: 12 Parables of Jesus that Every Child Should Know" for just $24!

"The Divine Dozen" is a downloadable "eBook". You get the entire collection- in minutes!

There's no waiting for the mailman to deliver your lessons, no fancy programs are needed, you'll be able to read and print from any computer.

You can print everything at once, or you can do what most teachers do and just print out the Parable they are focusing on for the week.

Immediately after your order is safely processed; you'll be directed to a secure download page. "Divine Dozen" is available in PDF format.

Don't worry if you don't know anything about computers, I show you how to download them step-by-step. Anyone can do it (on ANY computer)!

You might be wondering...

Will 'The Divine Dozen' work in your class?

Sample LessonAbsolutely! I welcome you to view the sample lesson we've provided (just click on the Birthday Cake on the left).

Give it a try!

If you're ready for more lessons focused on the Parables of Jesus, go ahead and click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button found on this website.

I am so happy with this collection of lessons, that I'm offering you a 60 day 100% risk free guarantee.


If after reviewing the lessons you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money in full.

Just email me and I'll refund the total investment!

The risk is completely mine to bear. That is how confident I am that you (and the kids) will be thrilled!

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May God Bless you for sharing your faith with your children.


Mary-Kate Warner

PS- Here's one final thought I'd like to leave you with...

All children love stories, and none are so important as those told by Jesus to his followers.

Children who are versed on them from an early age will learn balance—that actions have consequences, and Christians have Jesus who carries away all wrongdoings.

With these fun and easy lessons, you can infuse children’s minds with Christian concepts they can carry with them always!

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