"At Last... Fun, Simple Bible Games to Help Children Learn Their Memory Verses!"

This Week's Secrets...

children's memory verses 50 Of my favorite children's memory verses covering salvation, love, faith, good behavior, heaven, and seeking God (adaptable for any translation)
scripture memorization

42 Bible games specifically designed to help kids memorize scripture.


  • Index Card Mad Dash
  • Point it Out Mural Making
  • Beatle Mania
  • Ping Pong Scripture Race
  • Whirlpool Scriptures
  • Plus 37 more!
Bible memory games You'll get step-by-step instructions for each game, complete with: teacher’s notes, materials lists, preparation requirements, suggested verses, printable worksheets, answer keys, etc.
sunday school memory verses

Learn my secret to teaching children memory verses that will stay with them for life!


memory verses from the Bible

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