"At Last! Simple, Fun Sunday School Easter Plays You Can Prepare With
Just One Rehearsal!"

This Week's Secrets...

Discover 2 brand-new Easter Pageants: "He Is Risen" & "Internet Easter"
How to teach an Easter lesson to Sunday School kids (without giving them nightmares!)
The KEY to producing a meaningful Easter Play that includes children from various age groups.

How to produce an amazing Easter Play on a shoestring budget, WITHOUT spending hours upon hours sewing your own costumes or designing elaborate sets.

After all, you are busy enough!

Plus you'll learn much more...

Sunday School Easter Play

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Here's What's Included With Your
One-Rehearsal Sunday School Easter Play
"Internet Easter"

Complete Easter Pageant Script with Easy-to-Use Lyric Sheets
List of Suggested Props
List of Characters with Suggested Ages
List of Suggested Costumes
Production Notes with Tips & Suggestions for Great Staging
Rundown Sheet for Use by Lighting, Sound, Teachers and Directors

This pageant is easy to customize for a wide range of age groups, and there's no memorizing needed!

Most speakers can easily read off cue cards or children can act out the movements while a narrator speaks.

All the music is age-appropriate, and songs are ordered so that the youngest children are sitting for the shortest periods

You'll get everything you need to create a memorable production, that will engage your audience and drive home the true meaning of Easter to your children, regardless of budget or experience. You CAN teach children that there's more to Easter than just bunnies and baskets.

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