"48 No-Cook Bible Snack Recipes that Teach Faith Lessons"

This Week's Secrets...

bible snacks for sunday school Today, you'll learn 48 No-cook Bible Snack Recipes that will transform snack time into your most powerful Bible Lesson of the week!

Each of the Bible snacks includes:

  • Easy-to-follow recipe
  • Shopping list
  • Teaching notes
  • Scripture reference
Each Sunday School snack idea is "assembly" based. No kitchen, oven, microwave, or “cooking” required.

Here's just one snack idea for kids from the collection:

In the picture above, the rice cake is going to be the "rock". The marshmallow should be topped with a Hershey's kiss "roof" to make the "house". (Great when discussing the House Upon the Rock)


bible snack idea sample

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