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42 Bible Memory Games for Kids

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As a Sunday School teacher, or parent, there are few things that you will do in your life that will be more valuable than teaching kids to memorize scripture.

It’s true.

When it comes to growing spiritually, to achieving victory over sin, to living a Christian life, Bible memorization is crucial.

Here’s what Dallas Willard, who is a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern California, said about learning scripture:

Dallas Willard

And here’s what Pastor Chuck Swindoll recently wrote about Bible memorization:

Swindoll Quote

There’s just no escaping these facts:

The Word of God is a potent weapon against sin

The Word of God, when memorized, is a strong influence for righteous living and for Godliness

The Bible also tells us in Hebrews 4:12 that the Word of God is “living and active” which means that by memorizing it and taking it in and making it a part of ourselves it will in turn make us more like Christ.

The Word of God is Truly Powerful …

But when sin strikes, few of us have time to go and look up Bible verses. By memorizing important verses, we’ll have them at the ready to fend off Satan’s attacks whenever they come.

So how can we help young children and older kids to learn the scriptures they need to gain protection against sin and to live Godly lives?

Bible memorization, particularly for kids, can be difficult. The Bible is filled with big words and difficult concepts. But now none of that has to stop you from helping your students excel at Bible memorization.

You see, I’ve developed a new Bible Memory Games Activity Kit that features 42 fun games for learning scripture!

So who am I?

I’m Mary-Kate Warner and I’ve served as a Sunday School Director for the past 11 years.

Recently, I’ve zeroed in on a "3-Pronged" teaching approach for helping kids memorize Bible verses.

As you may already be aware, there are 3 major learning styles:

Visual Learners: those who learn by seeing

Auditory Learners: those who learn by hearing
Kinesthetic Learners: those who learn by doing something hands-on

Most people favor one type of learning style...

However, the KEY to long-term retention is to memorize a verse by seeing, hearing, AND doing.

And the best news...

Memorizing scripture doesn't have to be all work,
in fact- it can be ALL PLAY!

Inside your Bible Memory Games Activity Kit you will find 42 fun games and activities.

Each one is explained with step by step instructions, iIncluding teacher’s notes, materials lists, preparation requirements, suggested verses, printable worksheets, answer keys…

And most importantly, each game includes a “Learning Style Reference". 

Pick an auditory, visual, & hands-on game for each verse, and you’ll increase the chances of children remembering the scripture dramatically.

To get you started, I’ve chosen 50 of my favorite verses covering the themes of:


Good Behavior
Faith Over Fear
Seeking God

Most of the suggested verses are from the New International Version of the Bible, but you can easily adapt the games to work with the translation of your choice

Or, if you prefer, choose your own scriptures and plug them directly into the games I’ve created for you.

Many Adults Say That Scriptures They Memorized
as Children Have Stayed with Them
for Their ENTIRE Lives …

I could hope for nothing more than that the scriptures taught through this activity kit stay with your kids for just as long.

That’s right, I sincerely hope this kit brings lifelong knowledge of Jesus Christ into the hearts of your pupils!

Here Are Just a Few of the Many Benefits Your Students Will Experience by Memorizing Scripture:

Conformity to Christ

Triumph over sin
Victory over Satan
Ability to provide comfort & counsel to others
Ability to communicate the Gospel to unbelievers
Communion with God

And Here’s How You’ll Benefit from
Getting This Kit:

With this activity kit, you won’t lose sleep worrying about whether your kids are really learning scripture or not.

And you won’t have to struggle to get their attention in class either.

With this activity kit, you’ll get all the attention-grabbing, exciting games you need to ensure your kids memorize scripture.

These activities are the very same ones that I use every year to ensure my Sunday School students learn scripture and make it an important part of their lives.

My biggest goal in creating this kit was to provide teachers like you with all the support material you need to get your students to quickly memorize important Bible verses.

I don’t want you to lack for anything, and I’m confident you will find the games in this kit original, thoughtful, entertaining and fun!

Now without spending days or dollars preparing, you can have everything you need to create Bible memorization lessons that will help kids learn scripture that they will cherish and remember well into the future.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Order the Bible Memory Games
Activity Kit Now & Save!

How much would you expect to pay for meaningful, entertaining games that will not just allow your students to have fun during Sunday School class but also learn powerful scripture that is sure to change their lives for the better?

Well, right now, for a limited time, you can get this powerful activity kit for just $29 – that’s a full $10.95 off the regular price of $39.95!

If you want to save money while gaining the tools you need to make a real difference in your students’ lives, then this is the kit for you!

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Plus, The First 100 Teachers Will Also
Receive This Special Limited Release Bonus Item:

“20 Creative Faith Craft Projects”
(a $34.95 value)

This bonus is the perfect complement to the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit!

You get complete instructions for 20 Sunday School crafts that are easy, fun and flexible.

Plus, I’ve only included craft projects featuring items that you can find in your house or can obtain easily and for a very reasonable price at the nearest craft store.

Your students will have a great time – and learn a lot – making these meaningful crafts!

Project preparation is minimal and can be done easily while watching TV. Many of the crafts can be repeated using different scriptures and Bible Studies. With your own variations, this craft collection could easily last a whole year!

So What ARE You Waiting For?

Order Now & Receive the Bible Memory
Games Activity Kit for just $29

But don’t delay!

I must warn you that I can’t keep this kit at this low price for long. It is far too valuable.

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With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
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I am so sure that you will love the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put this kit to the test! I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either get the games you need to help students quickly and easily memorize scripture or get your purchase price back!

Plus, don’t forget, if you order the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit now, you can take advantage of my immediate download feature to receive the games – as well as the special bonus craft projects – within minutes!

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Here’s the Bottom Line on This
Incredible Activity Kit:

Why struggle to get and keep your students’ attention during class?

Why keep using outdated memorization techniques that either don’t work or take forever?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by getting the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit today?

This kit contains:

Easy to play games that make memorizing scripture a snap!

Fun games that your students will never get tired of and will want to play again and again!
Games that utilize household items so you don’t have to waste your own hard-earned money buying materials!
Games that can be customized to fit any scripture lesson!
Games that are simple enough for the younger kids and meaningful enough for the older ones!
Games that will transform your classroom atmosphere from dull and boring into alive and exciting!
And don’t forget if you order now, you’ll also be receiving the special bonus which will allow you to conduct craft projects that will reinforce your scripture memorization efforts – in fact, with these craft projects you won’t just be sending kids home with a craft, you’ll be sending them home with a message!

Don’t miss out on the current low price special offer! Click on the order button below to get the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit – and 20 Crafts – all for just $29.

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Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. Remember, the '20 Creative Faith Craft Projects' Bonus Gift is only being offered to the first 100 teachers and parents who purchase. Click here to order now.

P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If the Bible Memory Games Activity Kit isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money immediately.

P.P.P.S Let me give you one more reason why you should buy this kit today:

It gives you all the very best Bible memorization games for kids in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down games that may or may not work when you can get proven effective games that are easy to play and inexpensive right here, right now, with a simple click of your mouse? Click here to order.

Still questioning whether this kit is right for you? Email me to discuss how this kit can benefit your Sunday School class in particular.


42 Bible Memory Games for Kids

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