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Included in this month's KidMin PowerPack

Welcome! This edition of the KidMin Power Pack contains a wealth of tools to help Sunday school teachers during the month of March.

2PALM SUNDAY, Sunday, March 29th:

This year, Palm Sunday falls in March and Easter falls in April! Palm Sunday is March 29th. As concerns this monthly newsletter, it means we will give Palm Sunday its own special billing! It gives us a chance to focus on all of Holy Week to help you get excited and teach with new joy. You’ll have plenty of fresh and original activities to make the entire week memorable for your students. We are hoping that our ideas will infuse your students with new passion for the arisen Lord!

2ST. PATRICK’S DAY, Monday, March 17th:

St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17thth. Many Americans tend to associate the holiday with green beer and uproarious partying, even though St. Patrick was very reflective and humble. We’ll keep up his fine tradition by involving your students with the study of rainbows and the color green—the symbol of life!

2FIRST DAY OF SPRING, Thursday, March 20th

The first day of spring is Friday, March 20th. Things will start coming back to life out of the ground, giving us occasion to talk about rebirth in Christ as well as rebirth into the kingdom of heaven when we die. Activities will make both concepts easy for kids to understand.


The month of March is known for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. As Jesus is referred to as both Lion of Judah and Lamb of God, this is a wonderful opportunity to discuss the many facets of Jesus: counselor, friend, Emmanuel, king, merciful God, just deliverer. Our activities will help kids understand how God is their friend as well as their great protector.

2Kids & the News:

Making the news part of your lessons will emphasize how God is involved in our world, and the good news of Jesus can brighten the stressors of life on planet earth.

In this issue, we’re featuring an article about Esther the 670-pound pet pig! Esther started out small, and her owners had to learn how to turn a huge problem into a mountain of joy…a lesson we can all learn from.

Included in this month's KidMin PowerPack

All the ideas and activities can easily be adapted for big groups, small groups, young kids, older kids, and mixed ages. And just like all of my other teaching materials, each activity is 100% Bible-based.

Everything is designed to be timely, fun, but most importantly- MESSAGE DRIVEN. Today, you can Test Drive the KidMin Power Pack, including ALL the activities listed above, for just $1!

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