Easter Lesson Pack

Discover How to Fill Your
Sunday School Students
With the Hope & Joy of Easter!

25 Activites to Make Sure Your Kids Understand
the Good News of Easter

For Christians, no holiday is more important than Easter – and the entire week leading up to it is filled with important and historic adventures of Jesus.

Here’s why:

The great prophets of all religions have a birthdate and committed good deeds during their lives … so without Easter Jesus’ birth and his teachings might only earn him the status of a great prophet.

However, we know He is much more than that.

He is God’s only Son, the Messiah, Lord of Lords.

The followers of Mohammed and Buddha attest that their leaders died and did not come back.

Jesus came back. He ascended into heaven and plans to return to Earth someday.

The Ascension has witnesses; in fact, Christ’s resurrection has more than 500 witnesses.

In other words, the BIG difference between Jesus and other prophets centers squarely on his death and resurrection.

No other prophet ever claimed to be a sacrifice for the wrong-doings of mankind. No other religion claims that their prophet arose from the dead as a sign that we, too, shall rise.

That’s why it is so vitally important that kids learn all about Christ’s death and resurrection at an early age.

But There Are Challenges to Telling
the True Story of Easter …

Christ’s death was violent so how much should we tell kids?

Also, Jesus’ Easter story now has to compete against the Easter Bunny, so how do we make a story about a death more exciting for kids than a story about a bunny bearing candy?

And one more thing, Jesus died, arose and ascended over 2,000 years ago so how do we make this as fresh and relevant today as it was for the first generation of Christians?

Well, to help you drive home the importance of Easter to your Sunday School class I’ve developed a new Easter Lesson Pack that is filled with:

Fresh, new object lessons
Fun craft ideas, including many that you probably never thought of before
Simple games that are tons of fun
Surprising snack ideas that are as tasty as they are easy to make
Catchy songs that kids will be singing long after class is over
And much, much more

Now you don’t have to do the same old thing that you’ve done Easter after Easter after Easter … now you don’t have to bore your kids or stress about how you can possibly make that old Easter lesson seem new and relevant this year.

INTRODUCING the Easter Lesson Pack …

Easter Lesson Plan

Take a look at just some of what your students will learn from this new lesson pack:

How blessings can be missed when we develop “tunnel vision”!
Why we often get busy looking for the wrong things and dreaming the wrong dreams and how to turn our attention back to God!
How if we just trust in Him, God can bless us beyond our wildest dreams!
How candy can show us that our rewards for following Jesus will be bigger than we ever imagined!
Why God’s vision is still perfect and the phenomenal gifts we receive from Him will be beyond our wildest dreams – if we just follow His light!
Why life isn’t always full of “Palm Sundays” and how we can rely on Jesus when things turn dark!
A simple way to fully understand Easter without having to decipher any intimidating language or old-fashioned story-telling!
That even though life is sometimes hard, we as Christians can overcome it!
And much , much more

In all, with the Easter Lesson Pack, you’ll get:

For Palm Sunday...

2 object lessons that are grounded in the Bible!
1 Game that will quickly have kids laughing!
4 Crafts that are fun and easy to do! 
1 Snack that tastes delicious!
1 catchy song!
For Easter Sunday...
3 Object Lessons that will help you get kids excited about Jesus!
2 Games that will have kids enjoying themselves in no time!
3 Crafts that are sure to keep kids interested and engaged! 
2 Snacks that are easy to make!
1 Science Project that will spark kids’ imaginations and really get them engaged in your classroom!
And 5 songs that your kids will be singing or humming long after that day’s lesson is over!

In short, you’ll have everything you need to drive home the importance of Easter to your Sunday School students!

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“7 Mini Challenges to Help Your
Kids Appreciate Easter Week!”

Each mini-challenge includes reading a scripture, reading a short application relating it to today’s world, and finally, having children answer a couple questions about how that part of Easter Week applies particularly to them.

Parents who do this daily leading up to Easter with their kids are sure to find at the end of the week that not only has their family created a cherished memory of regular time spent together, but that Easter is a little clearer and a little more real in their children’s hearts!

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P.S. Everything about this lesson pack is easy. There are no expensive materials required, no extensive prep times for lessons. This is your chance to simplify your Easter while making it much more meaningful – and entertaining – for your students!

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Easter Lesson Pack



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