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God in My BackpackBack to school is a period of new beginnings. It's time to fill up your students hearts with excitement, focus, and faith as they prepare to face a new year of school.

The Bible speaks about new beginnings in many different ways:

  • Christ’s death and resurrection speaks of new beginnings.
  • The Old Testament speaks of the creation of the world and God’s covenant with his people.
  • The birth of Christ was a new beginning.

New beginnings for your students mean a chance to get closer to the Lord, to set new goals, both personally and spiritually, and to see God work in their lives in marvelous ways they may not yet have experienced.

I’ve gathered up all my favorite Bible-based Back-to-School Sunday School activities and packed them into one place.

With this new lesson pack you’ll be able to show kids:

Back to School Lesson Pack

Back to School Object Lesson: Dreaming vs. Planning

This lesson uses a glob of play dough to show the difference between wanting something and putting a plan into action.

Object Lesson: Taking All of God to School

Use a box of crayons to help children remember to bring the fruit of the spirit with them to school.

Object Lesson: Vasey Finds God's Path

Use a decorative vase and some lemonade to illustrate that each of us has our own path in life, and our own strengths and weaknesses.

Idea Starters

Help children get on a path to discovering their gifts from God! These are great clues as to how they might serve our world and what occupations they might eventually choose.

Goal Sheet: Turning Wishes into Plans

Supplement the "Dreaming vs. Planning" lesson above with this goal sheet for any of your students over who can write or draw their goals for the year.

Snack 1: Banana Berry Smoothie

This healthy snack will show kids what happens when they turn wishes into plans and dreams into goals. Everything goes smoother!

Snack 2: Fresh Fruit on a Stick

Here’s a healthy snack that can teach kids about ordering their plans. It includes the famed planning scripture, Proverbs 16:9, and it’s a great way to generate enthusiasm for back-to-school time, when kids are enthused about growing into bigger and more spiritual people.

Craft for Younger Children: Clothes Pin Container of Flowers

Many young kids have a lot of trepidation about that first day of the new school year. You can excite them by showing them the opportunities to grow bigger, stronger, & wiser.

Craft for Older Children: Mustard Seed Necklace or Bracelet

Most kids have heard of the parable of the mustard seed, but how many know why Jesus chose that particular seed to teach about His Father’s greatness? This easy craft will introduce the concept of parables which will help them to understand Jesus’ message.

Science Experiment for Young Children: Mini Ocean in a Bottle

Going back to school means facing temptations that come with being surrounded by all sorts of children. This experiment with the ocean in the bottle will not only create a cool-looking surf affect but it will show a little something about how Christ makes us different.

Science Experiment for Older Children: Make Your Own Quick Sand

Middle school students can find themselves in some “quick sand” in school by picking the wrong friends or hanging out with the wrong crowd. This science experiment creating quick sand is fun and interesting and also drives the point home about friends.

Science Experiment All Ages: Make Your Own Microscope

With back to school being a great time to make new friends, it is also a time to develop discernment. This little experiment in making your own microscope will be both fun and informative, explaining how a microscope has a great deal in common with our Christian judgment.

Song: When We All Go Back to School
Song: School’s a New Beginning

Game: Ready, Set, Raring to Go!

This game will help students realize that starting something new is a good thing, and when they start something new, they should go at it with all they’ve got to give.

Game: The Past is Behind Us

This game will help students learn that they shouldn’t dwell on past mistakes. At the top of the school year they should move on, accept Christ’s forgiveness for all, and embrace the future.

And much more!

Back to School is a Period of
New Beginnings & Self Discovery

Children should be on an early path to discover their gifts from God, which are great clues to how they might serve in our world and what occupations they might eventually choose.

Making our world a better place by contributing our gifts and talents is the foremost way of making life meaningful. Getting the most degrees or earning the highest salary is not.

And being blinded by the world’s goals can put Christians very far outside of God’s will, and therefore, their best shot at happiness.

It’s important for kids to adopt God’s priorities early on so that they can also adopt a healthy view of schooling!

PLUS, Order Now & We’ll Also Include as Part of the Lesson Pack the Special Parent Handout:

“7 Ways to Help Your Kids Bring God to School”

All Christian parents would like their kids to think about God in school—especially while facing temptations or fears or challenges.

However, school and God seem not to go together in some critical ways. Kids find it difficult to think of God while in a crowd of their peers, and this is one of the reasons that school is such a breeding ground for gossip, bullying, and other unspiritual behavior.

Plenty of kids think about God and pray to God, and some kids even remember to thank God for blessings without being prompted. But most of them do so in the privacy of their homes or while walking alone.

Because the best thoughts about God stream through in privacy and silence, school becomes a place of temptation and spiritual challenges.

In this special handout that you can give your students to take home, I’ve included seven mini-challenges that parents can do with their kids to help them make Godly choices while in school and even call upon God for help in school.

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Back to School Lesson Pack

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