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"The Astonishingly
Simple Secret To
Teaching Sunday School

How To Revitalize Your Sunday School Program,
Fill Your Classroom With Eager Students And
Reclaim Your Precious Saturday Family Time...
In Just 5 Minutes A Week!

It’s easy with these proven lesson plans and activities. I’ll show you...

52 Sunday School lessons, complete with songs, activities, discussion points and prayers that you can prepare in just 5 minutes (no more bleary eyes after late-night Saturday cram sessions!)
What to do at the start of each class to transform reluctant attendees into eager-beaver participants (they’ll have so much fun while they’re learning, they can’t wait for next Sunday’s lesson!)
How to captivate children from ages 2 to 14. Whether you’re teaching toddlers or teenagers, we’ve got you covered!
The one strategy to follow to make sure every child “gets it”... Once you master this technique, you’ll never be tongue-tied again.
A super sneaky technique to recapture the class’s attention when things get rowdy. Gosh, this one’s so good, I won’t make you wait for it. I’ll share it with you in just a few minutes.
Seven no-fail strategies for working with parents. Use these simple suggestions to strengthen your church community and double the impact of your lessons.

And much, much more!


Mary-Kate Warner
Thursday Morning

Dear Friend,

Finally!  Teaching Sunday School can be all that you dreamed it would be.

Imagine your class filled with children who are so excited about Sunday School, they can’t wait to get in the door.Children

Forget the drudgery of endless hours of preparation for each week’s lesson.

Instead, focus on the joy of introducing children to the Bible’s teachings.

Hold their hand and guide them as they take their first steps toward living a fuller Christian life.

Experience the wonder of discovery as they achieve a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the Bible and embrace their relationship with our Savior.

You can achieve this.

Without stress. Without worry. And without sacrificing precious moments with your own family.

I guarantee that if you... 

Give Me Just Five Minutes A Week… I’ll Give You
Complete Sunday School Lessons That Will
Pack Your Class With Eager Students Then
Knock Their Socks Off With (Dare I Say It?)
FUN Hands-On Activities…
Whether It’s Your First Day Or 50th Year
As A Sunday School Teacher

Yes, you read that right.Heater

You can have a complete Sunday School lesson jam-packed with hands on activities that transform even the most challenging children into a eager participants who hang on every word and take their lessons to heart… with just 5 minutes of prep time.

Because children learn in so many different ways, each lesson take a multisensory approach. You’ll easily bring the Bible’s teachings to life with...

  • Treasure hunts, drama activities and role playing that help children relate the lesson to their own lives.
  • Unique, fun, and simple new song ideas. No, you don’t have to be the next Amy Grant, anyone can have fun with these new hit songs.
  • Word puzzles, anagrams and secret code breaking that not only reinforce the lesson, but help children build their language skills.
  • Original, never-seen-before arts & crafts - I GUARANTEE you'll find several you’ve never seen before!
  • Fun quiz games customized for each age level so every student is challenged, but not frustrated.
  • "It's In The News" - the faith based, fun journalism game my students ask for by name!

And if parents or church elders ever question whether your students are actually learning while they’re treasure hunting, singing and cracking codes, you can say with confidence…

Research Proves That
Play Enhances Children’s Learning

Your students will have so much fun experiencing the lessons through these activities that they won’t even realize they’re learning. 

But they are learning.  They’re learning the values that will serve as a Christian foundation and guide every action for the rest of their lives.

Dr. MeyerhoffAs an added bonus, your students will always associate these lessons with the joy of your Sunday School class.  So the values you share with them will be that much stronger.

In sort, your students will be thrilled with engaging, fun, meaningful lessons - and YOU won’t have to spend each and every week reinventing the wheel. 


I have hundreds of pages of class-tested, children-approved lessons waiting for you to claim as your very own. 

At last... As Seen In

A Color-By-Numbers Shortcut 
To Teaching Sunday School!

My name is Mary-Kate Warner.

I’m like most Sunday School teachers - I don’t have any Sunday School “super powers” (other than a knack for organizing that borders on compulsive).    :-)

I’m not a Pastor’s wife and I’m not a school teacher. 

I’m simply a mom who wanted to give back to my church.  I love children and my church needed a Sunday School teacher, so I volunteered.

Like every other Sunday School teacher I’ve met, I have my own family.  Even though I wanted to be the best Sunday School teacher I could be, I didn’t want to miss out on time with my husband and children. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out a way to streamline Sunday School.

I used my organizing obsession and developed a system.  Once I had the system in place, I refined it over a couple of years and shared it with other teachers to test in their classrooms.

We tried new songs, activities and discussion questions.  We were blessed because most of them worked like a charm. 

Some of them bombed, but don’t worry.  I didn’t include any of those. 

The lesson plans have been tested and proven time and time again in over 2,823 churches just like yours!

And you know what we’ve learned from those 2,823 teachers?  We discovered that...

These Lessons Are As Good For The Teachers
As They Are For The Students

These lessons weren’t developed in some sterile corporate office of some publisher.   They were developed, tested and refined by REAL teachers in REAL Sunday School classes. 

Don't Dread Saturdays!I know how hard it is to balance your desire to be the best Sunday School teacher, the best wife (or husband!), and the best parent.

And because I've walked in YOUR shoes, I know how much little precious time you have to prepare. 

And I know all about the late-night Saturday cram sessions that left me bleary-eyed and (if I’m completely honest) just a little resentful on Sunday morning.

That’s no way to teach.

Too many Sunday School teachers are stuck on weekly a merry-go-round of worry, dread and frustration.  It looks like this… 

The Week

That’s why I guarantee that my lessons will only require 5-10 short minutes of prep time before class.

I also guarantee that the lessons will WOW everyone - children, parents, church elders - even if you have a shoestring budget and limited materials!

Here’s How My Lesson Plans Work

FeliciaEach lesson plan contains four modules.
Each module is customized with special activities and discussion guides laser-targeted to captivate children ages 2-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14.

The age grouping takes away all the guesswork.

Whether your classroom is filled with one age group or lumps all the children together like the old one-room schoolhouses, lessons are a breeze.

These aren’t your grandma’s lesson plans either. 

These are designed for today’s kids living in today’s world. 

Instead of just memorizing Bible stories and mindlessly parroting Bible verses, children experience the stories and lessons in relation to their own world through hands-on activities. 

This way, the children truly understand the Christian values depicted in the lessons, relate to them, and incorporate the values into THEIR OWN LIVES.

Plus, I’ve made it so fast and simple for you to pull together your lessons and teach your class,

It’s Like A 52 Week Vacation

It won’t feel like work at all because I’ve done all the work for you.  You’ll have all of the following (and more) to do the heavy lifting for you...

Seven fool-proof techniques for getting your class to refocus.  These will snap your class back to attention whenever you feel things getting slightly “out of hand”

How to easily overcome the single most difficult aspect of teaching Sunday School to today’s children.  Accomplish this and you’ll have a lasting impact on their souls.

Effortlessly relate Bible verses to topics that interest today's kids and teens.  Astonish your class by relating John 13: 1-17 to buying a new iPod!

What words you should never say if you want the kids to learn from and retain your lessons.  The sooner you learn these, the less damage you’ll have to undo.

Three strategies for managing classes with mixed ages.  Use these and your 2-year-olds and 12-year-olds will all learn and have fun at the same time… with no additional stress on you!
How to prepare for your Sunday School class in way less time and with easier instructions than a Betty Crocker Cake Mix!  Everything should be this easy.
Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.  Caring and effective ways to make sure one student’s negative energy doesn’t ruin your class.
5 biggest mistakes most Sunday School Teachers make when teaching and how to avoid them!
Counteract sugar rushes and tired crankiness with specially designed activities to focus kids after a sugary Sunday breakfast or rejuvenate worn out kids late Wednesday night.
Blockbuster crafts that won’t break the bank.  Most can be done for pennies and all of them relate back to the message you’re sharing for the week.
Not every classroom is perfect.  How to teach amazing classes in non-ideal environments. I’ve used these lessons in a cramped attic in 100 degree heat with a back-hoe and jackhammer right outside.
Want lasting and unforgettable lessons?  Use these 2 basic elements and your message will stick for life.
Never taught Sunday School before?  Discover the 10 easiest Bible stories/topics that “rookie” teachers can call upon and master in 5 minutes.
The Real Reason some Sunday School teachers are well liked and others hated… decide for yourself which category you’ll fall under.
How to captivate your students by turning everyday items in your pocket or purse into powerful teaching tools to convey God’s word.
How to handle your OWN children in your class

Simplify My Sunday School Teaching Now

And that’s just for starters.

You see, I’ve talked to hundreds of Sunday School teachers.  And I know that one of the most intimidating aspects of teaching Sunday School doesn’t have to do with lesson plans, activities or crafts. 

Rookies and pros alike are intimidated by…

How To Maintain Order In The Classroom

No worries - I’ve got you covered.   

Keeping children focused is a challenge in any classroom. 

Maintaining order helps children learn, keeps them safe, and allows them to complete projects that they can show off to the entire church with pride.

When you order my lessons, you’ll not only be giving yourself 52 weeks of effortless Sunday School teaching, you’ll also discover these secrets for managing your classroom...

Stubborn, rowdy, disruptive students?  If you follow one simple strategy, you’ll never worry about this again.
Here’s the secret to having a classroom full of enthusiastic students: Don’t just tell them what they’re learning, let them know why they’re learning it.  Find out how on page 4.
90% of Sunday School teachers over look this one key classroom element.  Find out how to include it in every lesson and your students will be eager to come back for more.
Stop discipline problems before they start.  What to do before you even step into the classroom to establish yourself as a fair, unbiased leader.
Wanting to be liked can kill your effectiveness as a teacher.  Discover how to maintain the delicate balance between teacher and friend so you’ll always be trusted and respected.
What never to do.  Children recognize this fatal mistake and use it to their advantage before adults even register a problem… learn what it is before it’s too late.
Now here’s the super sneaky technique to recapture the class’s attention when things get rowdy that I promised to share with you earlier:  Whisper.  Children can’t stand being left out of a secret.  If you calmly whisper at the front of the class, they’ll all “shush” each other so they won’t be left out.

LutishaRush My Sunday School Lesson Plans To Me

And that’s not nearly all. 

I want to make sure that you feel these lessons are all that I’ve said they are and more.  That’s why...

Help Is Always A Click Away

I’m here whenever you need me via e-mail in case you have any problems or questions!

Still on the fence?

Then let me prove to you that your success is my number one priority.  I have a few way-cool bonuses to add to your lesson plans to help you get through any foreseeable rough spot.

I like to think of these a Sunday School teacher emergency kit.  These extra goodies address crises that every Sunday School teacher faces sooner or later. 

I just wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t have these also (because they work so well!).  So I’ve stocked up on these bonuses so you can breeze through these stressful situations...

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee how long they’ll be available.
Right now, the bonuses you see below are still available and will be included with your order, but if you return tomorrow and the bonus is not listed, that most likely means we ran out and it is no longer available.  So hurry up and don’t miss out on these snazzy bonuses while you still can...

Nifty Bonus #1:
Holiday Lesson Plans
($39 value)

Holiday LessonsWith spikes in attendance and holiday excitement, Sunday School teachers always feel pressure to “over deliver” in their classes on the big Christian Holidays.

You’ve got enough to handle during the holidays, so let these Lesson Plans do the work for you.  Children and Parents alike will love these creative, inspirational holiday lesson plans.

In addition to the traditional Christian Holidays, we’ve also included “special lessons” to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving


Nifty Bonus #2:
Sunday School Top 20
($39 Value)

Top 20This is the number one request from teachers all over the world… Professionally recorded Sunday School songs from the lesson plans for you to use in the classroom!  You can print out the words and sing along to the music with your class.

Great sing-a-long fun!  You can listen to the audio recordings over the computer or burn the files on a CD to bring to class. The Top 20 hits include...

If You're A Good Neighbor | God Created Heaven And Earth | Old Man Noah | We Can Be A Follower | Let Me Build My House | Jesus Washed Their Feet | Jesus Loves Me | Jesus Christ is Risen Today | I Have Gifts

...and many more original Sunday School Hits!

Nifty Bonus #3:
Sunday School Kids Recipes
($26 Value)

recipesFor a very limited time, you can get your hands on my "secret" Sunday School Recipe Book.

These tasty recipes work with the pickiest eaters and delight children’s sense of adventure and fun. 

Whether it’s the cheery “Bunny Salad”, yummy “Chex Muddy Buddies” or the downright gross (but still yummy) “Toasted Tongues,” kids and kids-at-heart will love these treats..

The recipes can be prepared by the children (with some adult help) or are perfect to bring along to Church parties! Sometimes it is nice to have something a little different than boring rice crispy treats!


Nifty Bonus #4:
Lifetime Updates
($109 Value)

updatesAs part of this special Internet Offer,you'll get access to unlimited "Sunday School Lesson Plans" updates.

That's right, all updated versions, additional features, bonuses, etc. will be sent right to your inbox. FREE!

You'll have the latest information and tools before anyone else.

Wow! I Want The Lessons & Bonuses NOW!

Now you and I both know that churches and Sunday School teachers aren’t made of money.  Naturally, you want to make sure you’re making a responsible purchase when you click on the purchase link.

Whether you’re using a fancy-schmancy curriculum or are simply amazed at everything you’ll receive in this collection, you want the best value for your money.

I hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to share how...

You Can Have 52 Weeks Of Sunday School Lesson Plans
In Your Hands In 30 Seconds... Plan This Sunday’s Lesson
In Five Minutes... And Save Your Church
Up To $5,962.23 A Year

Big Savings!

I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that Heather’s church paid $1,500 every three months for their lesson plans! 

But then again, I don’t have graphic designers, printers, salespeople, fancy web-masters,teachers rave brochures and shipping costs (plus who knows what else) that those corporate publishers have to pay for.

Plus, I don’t make you pay separately for each age group like some corporate publishers (like Heather’s) do.

I’m just trying to help Sunday School teachers share Christ’s message with children without having to sacrifice their own precious time with their families.

I know what its like to work on a tight budget.  And I’m concerned about the “Christian education meltdown” happening in churches (small and large) across the country.  The next generation needs high quality Christian education, and Sunday School teachers like you need more support and direction than you’re getting right now. 

Not many teachers or churches can afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for their Sunday School classes.

So for just $37.77 $18.89, you can plan 208 amazing Sunday School lessons for children from 2 to 14 years old.

Yep.  For  just 18  9 cents per lesson you can dive into the lesson plans and get started in just 90 seconds.

How is that possible?  My lesson plans are downloadable.  You get them instantly with no printing, packing, shipping or handling expenses. 

Not a techno-wiz on the computer?  No problem.

I have clear step by step directions that walk you through the simple process.

There is no waiting for the mailman to deliver your lessons, no fancy programs are needed, you’ll be able to read and print from any computer.

You get everything –the entire collection of lessons- in minutes!

You can print everything at once, or you can do what most teachers do and just print out the lesson they are focusing on for the week.

Immediately after your order is safely processed; you'll be directed to a secure download page.  The lesson plans are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, I show you how to download them step-by-step.  Anyone can do it!

Click here to instantly receive your Sunday School lesson plans!

Think how great you’ll feel on Saturday night when you aren’t struggling to think of a “plan” for your class.

Will this book help you? Will it help you finally find balance between your life and teaching Sunday School?  Absolutely!

Here's how you can find out for yourself without risking a single penny...

100% “No Questions Asked”
Better Than Your Money Back Guarantee


Go ahead and order the lesson plans. Download and use the entire collection for 30-days.

Then, if the lessons aren’t everything you hoped they would be I’ll cheerfully rush you a full refund AND let you keep the entire collection for FREE! 

(Maybe you have a friend who might like them)

Simply send an e-mail (along with your order number) to request your refund.

No questions asked, no funny business, and no “wiggle clauses”. You either love the lesson plans you get your money back right away. Period.

Please don’t hesitate on your order, I’d hate for you to miss out on the bonuses that are being given to you for free with your order today. 

Your order is processed on our secure servers, your privacy is 100% protected.  There are 4 payment options for your convenience: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), Debit Card, Check, or PayPal.

Click Here To Get The Lesson Plans & Nifty Bonuses Today ;-)

May God Bless you for sharing your faith with our children.

May God be with you always,

Mary-Kate Warner

Mary-Kate Warner


P.S. Remember you have absolutely nothing to lose!  With the 100% “No Questions Asked” Better Than Your Money Back Guarantee, you have 30 full days to put the lessons to work for you.  If you aren’t absolutely thrilled, I’ll cheerfully refund your money and you can keep the lesson plans for free!

P.P.S.- Want to know more?  Then check out what other Sunday School teachers are saying….


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