Discover How to Fill Your
Sunday School Students
With the Hope & Joy of Easter!

Inside the Easter
Lesson Pack...

17 Activities for Easter Sunday

Teach kids that there is more to Easter than bunnies and candy! We will show you how to make this very special holiday REAL (but not scary) to kids.

9 Acitivites for Palm Sunday

Help kids undersntad why life isn’t always full of “Palm Sundays” and how we can rely on Jesus when things turn dark!

Activities Include:

Crafts, Games, Object Lessons, Science Experiments, Snacks, & Songs,

Also Includes Parent Handout:

“7 Mini Challenges to Help Your
Kids Appreciate Easter Week!”

Easter Sunday School  Lesson Plan

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How to Teach Kids the TRUE Meaning of Easter

Easter can be a difficult holiday to present to small children.

Betrayal, death, the shedding of blood, heartless people...

These are topics most ADULTS don't even want to discuss- let alone with their children.

It's much easier to focus on bunnies, baskets, and bubble gum.

However, there *are* ways to present the TRUE meaning of Easter without dumbing it down for kids (and without giving them nightmares).

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