It’s One of the Hottest Issues of Today, Yet as With ALL
the Important Things in Life, the Bible, Written
Thousands of Years Ago, Has It Covered …

Bullying and the Bible

Few things can steal the innocence of childhood like bullying.

Bullying can rob an energetic, happy-go-lucky girl of her self-esteem. It can cause an inquisitive boy to become quiet and withdrawn.

Bullying can have damaging effects on a person’s psyche and self-image that last a lifetime.

It can lead to depression, sadness … and even suicide.

So many tragic bullying stories have led the news recently. It’s a topical issue … it’s an important issue … and, guess what, as with everything that is important to us, the Bible deals with it head on.

Hello, my name is Mary-Kate Warner, a Sunday School director for over two decades, and I have to say that few recent issues have touched a nerve with me like bullying has.

You See, When I was a Kid I Went Through
My Own Period of Being Bullied

It wasn’t nearly as severe as what many kids are experiencing today but it did have an impact on me and on my personality, that much I’m sure of.

I was able to get through that difficult period thanks to a wise and understanding pastor who directed me to some very powerful Bible stories that speak directly to bullying and how we should handle it.

Those Bible stories gave me the strength I needed to persevere and overcome the bullying I was experiencing and I immediately thought back on that time in my life when bullying started recently gaining so much attention in the national media.

As I read of more and more kids committing suicide and dealing with mental health issues because of bullying, it hit me that a lot of kids don’t know what the Bible says about bullying and that if they did they could gain a lot of strength from that, just like I did.

So here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve created a comprehensive program that will help Sunday School teachers, youth ministers, regular school teachers, pastors, principals and parents provide kids with the Biblical foundation they need to not fall victim to bullying or engage in bullying behavior in the future.


Bullying and the Bible

With bullying being so prominently featured in the news lately, everybody wants to help out. This has lead to a wide variety of different messages from different authorities and all these different, often conflicting messages are leaving kids confused.

Kids need a straightforward, consistent message, a message that never changes – well, guess what, God never changes.

What God said many, many, many years ago still holds true today.

As psychology findings change, as electronics change the nature of friendships and as the ways to bully or be bullied continue to increase, two things that don’t change are:

God’s word

And human nature, which hasn’t changed one iota since Biblical times

God’s word speaks loudly and clearly on the subject of bullying and the stories of the Bible are relevant to cyber-bullying, school yard bullying and neighborhood bullying.

With the lessons in “Bullying and the Bible” kids will feel a real connection to the superheroes of God’s word and will instantly be able to draw parallels between the situations described in the Bible and the bullying situations that are occurring today.

Here’s just some of what kids will learn:

What the Bible says is THE BIGGEST KEY to preventing victimization ... and why this approach will work for anyone – small, big, outspoken or shy!

How to nip bullying “in the bud” before it has a chance to dramatically alter a child’s life!
How to develop the strength you need to stop bullying in its tracks … plus, how to keep other kids from getting bullied!
How to recognize bullying behavior in yourself and others and then put an end to it for good!
How to use Biblical guidelines and the latest advice from professionals to best handle bullying situations!
How to be confident when facing down bullies, secure in the knowledge that God is faithful and just and helpful to those who call upon him!
How to handle “bullies” versus “meanies” along with how to best help victims of bullying!
Plus, what to do if you are victim of bullying and how to change if you have bullied others in the past!
And much, much more!

Your Students will be Amazed to See How
“Some Things Never Change!”

Each of the lessons in the “Bullying and the Bible” Program focuses in on a Bible character who experienced bullying and one theme that is often present in bullying situations of today.

You and your kids may be surprised to learn how bullies in the Bible are very similar to what kids often see or even face down in school today.

These lessons will help kids:

Recognize many of the emotions and behaviors that lead up to bullying, giving them a chance to stop things before they ever get a chance to start

Identify bullying tendencies, both in others and in themselves
Rely on God’s Word when having to deal with Bullies

Here’s How Each Lesson is Set Up …

Each lesson, which should last about an hour, is broken down into a combination of the following parts depending on if you are teaching older or younger students:

1. Lesson Capsule: This intro will give the teacher an at-a-glance capsule of what the lesson will cover and what students should learn.

2. Top of the Lesson Attention Getter: Repetition helps kids learn. Ask everyone to repeat together the definition of bullying, which will be included in each lesson.

3. Intro Material Presented by the Teacher: This introduces the bullying theme and the scripture reading for students, showing them how an ancient Biblical story is very relevant to today. Some scripture readings are longer than others, depending on the length of the story in the Bible. For shorter stories, there will be a longer intro to be read, giving students about the same amount of time to gear up for their discussions

4. Scripture Reading: Students can break out into small groups at this point, or if your class is small, involve students by having them read the scripture aloud.

5. Lesson: Using either a household object or a model of the craft associated, each lesson will teach on one of the six specific anti-bullying concepts. A "Teaching Script" is presented in bold for ease of preparation and delivery.

6. Discussion/Craft/Game: (40 minutes) The discussion is the meat of the lesson, which will get kids thinking and applying ancient stories to situations they’ve either seen or been involved with concerning bullying. The objective of the teacher will be to keep the discussion moving at a good pace and now allow for too much digression. I suggest that you arrange it so that students take turns, going around the table, answering questions. If someone is stumped, move to the next person. For younger kids, I’ve included crafts that will reinforce the lesson with a take-home item and games that are fun and engaging.

To help the lesson time go even better, I’ve also included:

Short-Answer Questions to Keep Students’ Thinking on Track: Most of the questions are designed for short, yet thoughtful answers. Answers may be two or three words long, yet they may encourage students to think in a different direction than they are used to. The questions are meant to be “little leaps” to rearrange thinking. Students should be encouraged to spend no more than a couple minutes on each.

Questions Requesting Examples from Students’ Lives that will Make the Bible Stories Even More Relevant: Other questions require students to give examples from their own lives of things that have happened. Try to have one student only answer a question like this. If he or she does not have an example from his own life, then call on the next student.
This Week in Prayer: 5 minutes. To reinforce what is learned, I am providing take-home assignments for kids to do during their quiet time. It is good preparation for their walk as Christian adults, encouraging them to keep in touch with Jesus every day. You should encapsulate or have a student read through the material for" This Week in Prayer" before closing and ask if there are any questions.

The Ultimate Goal of this Program …

With this program, I want kids to understand a little better the behavior of bullying as well as the behaviors leading up to it.

I want kids to understand that they all have the susceptibility to behave in these ways themselves!

Therefore they should forgive others and be merciful in judgment.

When facing down bullies, kids should be confident—not that they can win a battle with a bully, but, as I said earlier, that their God is faithful and just and helpful to those who call upon him.

I am confident these lessons will help a child develop that confidence!

Ready to Help Your Kids Better
Deal With Bullying?

Imagine a world without bullies where everyone is allowed to develop and grow without interference … a world where we don’t have to worry about kids being injured mentally and physically by a bully.

Unfortunately, that world does not exist but we do have the next best thing – God’s instructions on how to deal with this very serious and very dangerous issue.

The “Bullying and the Bible” Program consists of two different age-appropriate lesson packs – and if you order now, you can get the lesson pack of your choice (or both!) at a special low price.

Bullying and the Bible

Ages 5-9

In these six lessons, I have included more than 30 scripture verses, all of which can stand at the center of modern day anti-bullying practices. These are used throughout the six object lessons and the crafts, games, and discussions that reinforce them.

This lesson series uses Biblical concepts like “shields of faith,” “wands of forgiveness,” and “the living waters” of Christ that bring forgiveness when we are wronged or do wrong.

I want younger kids to learn how to respond in bullying situations, whether they are the victim, a bystander, or a potential bully. The lessons use repetition, group play, and activities to drive home a different sub-theme each of the six weeks.

Ages 10-16

One of the earmarks of ‘tweeners and teens is the process of distancing oneself from parents and authorities, with a greater attachment developing on peers. This age often causes great anxiety in parents as they realize that their ‘tweeners and teens are actually more willing to learn about acceptable behavior from friends than from parents.

But instead of fighting this process, this lesson series is designed to take full advantage of the mindset.

Rather than wrestle with what kids naturally want to do, these lessons contain discussions where they will be learning from each other with just a bit of guidance from the teacher.

Bullying and the Bible

‘About Half of All Children Experience Bullying …’

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, close to half of all children will experience school bullying at some point in primary or secondary school.

At least 10 percent of children are bullied regularly. Nearly all children have been bystanders (witnessed bullying) while in or around school.

In recent studies psychologists have noted that:

People’s brains are not totally developed until the age of 25. And two skills that appear to be the last to fall into place are often (1) understanding the ramifications of actions, and (2) empathy, or the ability to put ourselves into other people’s shoes. As these skills are still developmental in teens, they can be all but absent in younger children … which is why bullying so often happens

But Now the Good News …

Other studies have shown that kids who are taught right behaviors from wrong ones and who are prepared for situations that present themselves — these children are far more likely to use those acceptable modes of behavior.

Prepare your kids and help them avoid being bullied or bullying others with the “Bullying and the Bible” program.

With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

GuaranteeI am so sure that you will love “Bullying and the Bible” that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put these lessons to the test! I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either help your kids better deal with bullying or get your money back!

Plus, if you order “Bullying and the Bible” now, you can take advantage of my immediate download feature to get the lessons in just minutes … that means you could use one of these lessons this Sunday, even if it’s Saturday night right now.

Here’s the Bottom Line on This
Incredible Resource:

As Christians, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with bullying.

We have, in the Bible, tried and true policy that was established for us long ago and we have the ultimate ally in the Living God who created the Heavens and the Earth, and who is not the least bit intimidated by anything one child can do to another.

God sees all!

While it would be superficial and wrong to present God’s Holy Word as a “fix-all” to a complex and irascible problem of modern industrialization, it does contain the foundational material we need to launch programs that have the greatest chance of success.

The lessons in “Bullying and the Bible” mix faith, Biblical teaching and today’s most helpful anti-bullying tools so that Christian kids can get through school without either playing victim or bully.

Bullying and the Bible
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Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. After this great exposure to anti-bullying themes that are Christ-driven, kids will be more prepared to recognize, neutralize and respond healthily to bullying behaviors. In situations that are out of control, they should feel not only comfortable but proud for telling the nearest teacher or grownup. They will also learn how very relevant the Bible is and what a friend Jesus is willing to be.

Bullying and the Bible

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