At Last! Devotions
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Happening in Kids’ Lives
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Discover 26 True-to-Life Devotions That Will Grab
Kids’ Interest & Help Them See Christ as Their Primary
Source of Wisdom, Guidance & Protection!

Sticky Situations

Did you know that many psychotherapists believe that children acquire nearly all their morals, ethics, and spirituality BEFORE the age of 13?

These psychotherapists believe that at age 13 and beyond many children pass into a phase where they begin to shun advice from adults.

So why am I bringing this up to you?

Because I have developed 26 true-to-life devotions for kids ages 6 –12 that are specifically designed to engage their pliable minds and help them come to see Christ as their primary source of wisdom, guidance and protection.

You see, kids today, even young kids, are bombarded daily with pressures to conform to this world in ways we all wish they could sidestep.

By dealing with these dilemmas in your Sunday School class (or around the dinner table) you’ll prepare your kids to face these issues when they arise and you’ll provide them with the solid moral foundation they need to deal with these issues in a Christ-like way.

Take a look at just some of the important topics covered in this new collection:

  • bribes
  • bullying
  • cheating
  • making/keeping commitments
  • comparing yourself to others
  • consideration of others
  • confessing when you’ve done wrong
  • death
  • embarrassment
  • fairness & unfairness
  • fear
  • friendship
  • forgiveness
  • funerals, what to say
  • getting even
  • gossip
  • guilt
  • honesty
  • jealousy
  • losing friends
  • loyalty
  • lying
  • meanness
  • obedience
  • occult
  • peer pressure
  • persecution over faith
  • priorities in life
  • ratting on friends and siblings
  • boasting
  • respect for elders & authority
  • responsibility
  • revenge
  • riches
  • sacrificing for friends
  • self esteem
  • sharing
  • sharing the gospel
  • showing off
  • shyness
  • sportsmanship
  • stealing
  • strangers
  • success, handling of
  • superficial behavior
  • teasing
  • trusting God

These are all issues that your students will identify with and that will immediately grab their attention and maintain their interest.

Kids need advice on how to deal with these things and now they can get it from YOU instead of from kids at school who may not be Christians.


26 Sticky Situations
Devotions for Kids Ages 6-12

Each devotion tackles a particularly tough dilemma that kids are facing today and has four parts:


Numbered Scenario.

Here students will first read a scenario where children just like them are put in everyday situations where tough choices are required.

These very real situations that could occur in any town and probably do! They will put your students in tough shoes of both kids their own age and those slightly older.


Related Scriptures.

Students will look up scriptures, three with each devotion, that may apply to the situation.

The scriptures may apply directly to the situation or indirectly to the Scenarios. Those that relate indirectly will help students realize that while the whole Bible relates to our modern times, they frequently have to reach a bit to apply it. It’s good to ask students about the applications, for example, “How does this scripture about sheep among wolves apply to us if we’re being bullied?”

Sometimes two scriptures will be presented that appear to be opposites: One will say to shout it from the rooftops, and a second will warn against casting your pearls of faith before those who will devour you. These contrasts help children understand that the Bible is a guide, and it needs to be applied with wisdom that only comes with practice and patience. Great discussion can be sparked by the scriptures and which ones best fit the circumstances.


Possible Solutions.

Students will be asked to rank four possible solutions from #1 (best answer for Christians) to #4 (least good answer for Christians).

The four Possible Solutions for each Scenario give students a chance to participate, by ranking them best to worst. Some solutions reflect anger or frustration. Some are driven by Christian values and some would be considered middle ground or common American thought. Students should be reminded that there isn’t always a right or wrong answer when trying to follow Christ; there are only better and lesser options.



Provided only for teachers to read after solutions are ranked, this section will allude to proper choices and will help generate discussion about the scenarios, scriptures and solutions.

Reflections can be read by the teacher once students have looked up scriptures and ranked their solutions.

Granted the correct answers are only alluded to. It should be made clear to students that while some choices are better than others, they reflect our real world. The best answers may not be perfect; the worst answers may not be utterly horrible. The point of the reflections is to guide discussion, spark deeper thinking, and turn on creative energy. Kids may think of a better solution than the four that are listed, which is fine!

Finally, we also offer a Index of Scriptures used, which saves time in looking them up. Granted, the Internet makes looking up Scriptures very easy these days, but many versions of the Bible present themselves. We encourage you to use our Index because we have carefully selected the scripture versions that speak best to young kids.

Please Note: Numbered Scenarios, Related Scriptures and Possible Solutions are all presented together and may be photocopied for each student.

This will allow students more opportunity to think over their choice of solutions and create better discussions.

Take a Look at Just Some of What Your Students Will
Learn from This Collection of Devotions:

Why giving too heartily to a heartless person may actually cause them to keep their judgmental attitude
How to confront a bully without having it turn physical
How to forgive someone even when it’s difficult … plus, why it’s so important to be able to forgive
How to develop REAL trust in God and the rewards he offers
How to attract new friends by working on one’s own self-esteem issues first
How to be genuinely happy for others who have been blessed (instead of feeling jealous)
Why Christians need to be fair and acknowledge forces of evil – and not play foolish games meant to exalt them
Two things that adults have that kids don’t and why this is vitally important when it comes to setting and following rules
Why winning means much more when you play the game the right way
Why keeping our motives pure is job #1 when it comes to being a kid
How to sow love and respect when it comes to your parents and grandparents
Why putting down another person is not the way to build yourself up
Why telling the truth is always the right thing to do
How to draw strength from God to overcome perceived shortcomings, like shyness or lack of attractiveness
How to see the wonderful you that God has created and not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others – especially siblings!
And much more

The Main Purpose of These Devotions
is to Generate Great Discussion
In Your Classroom or at Home!

I designed this collection in the sincere hope that each devotion would be a catalyst to a great talk in your Sunday school classroom or around your very own dinner table.

And I pray that with them you’ll be able to see your children become more prepared to face life with Christ as guide, protector, ultimate redeemer, and presenter of the best news ever—the gospel, which still applies all day everyday!

Finally, Devotions That Tackle the
Real Dilemmas
Kids Are Facing Today –
All in One
Convenient Collection!

This study collection benefits children in that it offers help and guidance by bringing together the Bible and today’s issues in a way that could help ward off the development of false values that would just get in the way of living a Godly life.

This collection will help kids see how to deal with difficult dilemmas through relevant stories that foster greater communication among classmates and that also help kids see with greater insight how God wants us to act.

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Remember, Acting in a Christian Manner Even
in the Most Difficult Circumstances
is Very Important to God!

When we act as God wants us to act we demonstrate faith that we believe His way is the right way and that while we may be making sacrifices to do the right thing, we know God will ultimately reward us for it.

Kids who learn to do the right thing, even when it is hard, grow up to be adults of good character who don’t shy away from difficult decisions and who always weigh how their actions will affect others.

In other words, they become the men and women that we most admire, adults who strive to do the right thing even when it is not easy and even when no one else is paying attention.

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With These Devotions Based on Real-Life Dilemmas You’ll Have the Perfect Opportunity to Talk to Kids
About God, Values, Faith & Vision!

Remember, many psychotherapists believe that children pass into a phase of
shunning advice at around age 13. This makes the period from age 6 to 12 sort of the “last hurrah” for parents and teachers.

Peer pressure can be almost overwhelming for many teens, preparation with scenarios like those in this collection of devotions is a great defense.

These devotions will inspire your students to think, pray and gain better understanding of how to deal with difficult dilemmas in a Christ-like way.

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Sticky Situations

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Mary-Kate Warner
Sunday School Director

P.S. Today’s kids are exposed to more than ever before. They are also forced to face difficult dilemmas at a much younger age. Give them the help and advice they need to thrive during these difficult pre-teen years. Get “Sticky Situations” today.

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