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children's sermons

55 Interactive Children's Sermon outlines covering the complete Old Testament, Including:

  • Noah and the Flood
  • Jacob & Esau
  • The 10 Commandments
  • Rahab Rats on the Bad Guys
  • Elijah & the Still Small Voice
  • Trials of Job
  • David Kills Goliath
  • Prophet Isaiah and Fears
  • And many more...
sermons for youth Bible sermons call upon everyday household items (pencil, screwdriver, sheet, etc) to drive the REAL Message home.
sermons for kids Discover my favorite kid's sermon for teaching about Moses and the Burning Bush using a Spray Bottle and Bed Sheet.
Sunday School Sermons

These youth sermons work For classes of ALL sizes and ages-small OR large (ages 2-14).


Children's Sermons

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