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Sunday School Lesson Plans Package!

208 step by step Sunday School lesson plans totally customized with special activities and discussion guides laser targeted to captivate children of each age group: 2-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14.

Treasure hunts, drama activities and role playing that help your students relate the lesson to their own lives.
Unique, fun, and simple new song ideas. No, you don’t have to be the next Amy Grant, anyone can have fun with these new hit songs.
Word puzzles, anagrams and secret code breaking that not only reinforce the lesson, but help children build their language skills.
Original, never-seen-before arts & crafts - I GUARANTEE you'll find several you’ve never seen before!
Fun quiz games customized for each age level so every student is challenged, but not frustrated.
"It's In The News" - the faith based, fun journalism game my students ask for by name!
  And a lot more!

In just 5 minutes a week, you can prepare complete Sunday School lessons that will pack your class with eager students, then knock their socks off with FUN hands-on activities... whether it's your first day or 50th year as a Sunday School Teacher!

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"Sunday School Teaching Secrets" - discover 7 simple ways to refocus a rowdy class... 5 tips to increase participation... 3 proven strategies for managing mixed age classes... and much more!
"The 5 Biggest Mistakes Sunday School Teachers Make" - these are HUGE gaffes that can ruin your day's lesson and kill your credibility. How many of these are you making right now?
"28 Inspirational Holiday Lesson Plans" - covering Palm Sunday, Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, Harvest Time, Thanksgiving and Christmas
"Sunday School Kids Recipe Book" - simple, tasty treats that are easy to prepare in class... or PERFECT to bring along to church parties!

"Top 20 Sunday School Kids Song Recordings" - listen to the songs right over your computer... or, copy them to a CD or iPod and bring to class!

That's a $115.00 value... yours free if you try my system today!

Big corporate publishers charge $77... $155... even $330 for their curriculums. And they even make you pay separately for the different age groups!

But if you try my system today, you can get all 208 age-targeted lesson plans (jam-packed with games and activities)... PLUS the 5 free bonuses... for just $37.77!

That's just 18 cents per lesson!

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May God Bless you for sharing your faith with your children.

Mary-Kate Warner

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If you're not totally thrilled for any reason (or no reason at all), just email me and I'll give you a fast, full, and cheerful refund with no questions asked.

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